Advanced (CAE)

You will learn the exam format – the kind of questions (exercises used in the exam) and what they test. You’ll also practise using the techniques that will help you perform to your best in the exam. We will continuously work on developing your vocabulary, grammar, and language skills (listening, reading, writing, and speaking) to the C1 level.

We will use practice tests and materials designed especially for the exam, as well as authentic materials such as articles, videos, or podcasts – with exercises similar to those from the exam. Apart from hard work, there is also time to have fun – after all, we learn best through play! You will become familiar with the topics you can expect in the exam, plus we can include the ones that you are interested in.

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It’s a good idea to check how you find the exam level before the course. You can try doing an example test, available here.

Completing a practice test is very helpful – I plan your course according to your performance on the test and the initial interview (a short conversation that helps me see what your exact level is). If you complete the writing task I will give you detailed feedback on it too.

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