Zoom Classroom

I teach my lessons using Zoom platform thanks to which we can enjoy almost exactly the same learning experience to the “traditional classroom”, or even better. Zoom can be used on iMac and Windows computers.

Like in a traditional classroom, there is a white board, but here we can make notes on more than one “page” – there is no need to clean the board during the lesson so all the notes can be kept and shared after the class. You can refer to them and revise after the lesson. It’s also possible for the students to work on the whiteboard as a group, or individually – we can all make notes on it, or even draw pictures! It’s always great fun, but also it makes learning easier and more memorable.

It is possible to watch videos, listen to audio, see different visuals: pictures, PPT(Power Point_ presentations, and others, which make the lesson more engaging.

In group lessons, just like in a traditional classroom, you can raise your hand to signal that you have a question or want to say something. There is also an option to work in pairs or smaller groups in separate “rooms” (and the rest of the class can’t see or hear you then!).

The materials I prepare include editable files so as you can complete the activities on the screen, or print them and complete – as you prefer. After the lesson you receive a summary of the class with the most important vocabulary, language points, etc.

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